Keystone Gulch Training Run

After deciding to more seriously pursue Elbrus Race 2012, I needed to adjust my training from long slogs of 18 miles or so on the relative flats (former marathon training) to include some vertical. I did a test run on Quandary last week, and did 1:33 up, which is actually my PR for that. I should assume then that I’m about 2 months ahead in my training from Elbrus Race 2010.

This training run is a steep climb on a dirt road that is used by maintenance workers for Keystone Resort. I like this road because the grade is relatively gentle and it’s mostly along a really pretty creek.

Here’s the Google Maps of this 10 mile run from July 2nd:

and if you want the Google Earth for it, look on my old blog HERE, since Google and WordPress won’t play nice together for Embedded Earth.

Keystone Gulch Elevation Profile
Elevation Profile for Keystone Gulch Training Run July 2

1600′ give or take ascent and descent over ten miles, in 2:13 averaging a 13:19 pace is pretty good, and I made decent enough time, though I was pretty beat the last two miles. I’ll give a few more stats about Elbrus Race in another post.

A Keystone maintenance truck went up a set of steep switchbacks starting at my turnaround point, so I might drive up a bit to shorten the overall distance and try going up those, since the map implies they top out at 12,000′. That would be cool.

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