Effective 11/25/2011, the following disclaimers need to be made in regard to this blog, some due to various laws, etc. and some just to be out in the open about it.

1) I am currently a Goal0 athlete. I am from the first group way back in the day. This gives me access to take their equipment around the world for free as an unofficial ambassador. I sometimes get stuff before it comes out. I receive no compensation or pay other than the occasional free solar equipment.

2) I am an Amazon Affiliate. I get a small percentage of sales after a certain level of accumulated income within a certain period of time. I think over the past 10 years I’ve made maybe $20 total. I don’t consider this as essential, but back in the day it covered some hosting expenses, etc. I do put up links to Amazon for the images and descriptions and reviews that go along with it, and as well, I do totally believe in Amazon and buy a lot of stuff there. Anything I show that I did purchase on Amazon was completely with my own money.

3) Other equipment: I buy from a variety of sources, and since I don’t have as much traffic as some really cool Russian spam blogs, I don’t rate to get income from them, so in general, I’ll let you find the stuff on your own if you don’t want to buy from Amazon. If that changes, I’ll update this to reflect any additions.

4) If I post a trip report and there’s only one logistics or guide or outfitter in an area, so a reasonable net search will give pretty much just them as a result, and I have a negative experience, I’ll probably be a bit non-specific.

Otherwise, as best I know, everything I write about is true and factual, and I actually did it or know someone personally who is or did do it. Thanks and good reading.

Coloir on Quandary, CO 14'er - Spring 2011

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