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Ice Climbing First Tracks

I got a message from my climbing buddy Ryan, from suggesting we go ice climbing up Provo Canyon to our favorite spot, Stairway to Heaven. He said it was early season and thin, but that a few days more of freezing should solidify it enough to get in some decent climbing. Sadly the next few …

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Mount Olympus with Todd

On July 12 I went out for a short hike with Todd Gilles. Remember we went together for Orizaba, and then to Elbrus Race 2013 [BUY BOOK HERE] We went up Mount Olympus, a Salt Lake City classic that I’ve done quite a few times over my life. I’ve used Strava for some of my …

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Quandary in Snowstorm

October 27, 2014 Last night my wife suggested I do Quandary. It had been a couple months since last time and a few months longer before that. I checked the weather on Looked like it was going to be really cold and windy and a bit overcast. I gathered up a few of the …

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Ice Climbing Lincoln Falls Part 2

Todd Gilles and I had a great time Ice Climbing on Lincoln Falls, an area at about 12,000′ elevation on Mount Lincoln, a Colorado 14er. The approach and walk-off are part of a hiking route to the summit of Mount Lincoln called “The Amphitheater”. I don’t think there are too many ascents of that route …

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Ice Climbing in Ouray

Todd Gilles and I haven’t had a chance to climb for a few months, so at the prompting of my wife we arranged an ice climbing trip to Ouray Colorado. Todd, if you might remember, was the star athlete I coached to a 3rd place finish at Elbrus Race 2013 [Book of the same name]. …

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Winter Hiking for the First Time

I took my 13 year old son out winter hiking for the first time on a Colorado 14er. I selected Quandary for a few reasons. I’ve been to the top in every month, in almost every condition and know the routes well. I’ve helped several other people do their first 14er on Quandary. He’s been …

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Elbrus Race 2013 Wrap-up

As I prepared for the Elbrus Race 2013 with my team mate Todd Gilles, I worked hard to increase my fitness for the vertical ascent of the Classic, from the Barrels Huts to the summit of Elbrus at approximately 18,500′. Normally you do that a couple days after the Qualifier, about half of the distance …

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Crevasses on Elbrus

Crevasses on Elbrus are rare on the normal route. If you wander below the Saddle it is much worse. This is easy to do on the descent if there is poor visibility due to weather. This has happened quite a few times in the last few years. I was there last September, as recorded in …

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Colorado 14ers in January – Quandary

Of all the Colorado 14ers it seems like Quandary is my favorite. It’s only a few minutes away from Breckenridge, and has an excellent year-round parking area with plenty of room. I think it’s my favorite just because I’ve done it a lot more than any other of the Colorado 14ers. I’ve been to the …

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