Thank you for your interest in my books about mountaineering, training for mountaineering, and my own mountaineering and world adventure travel. Scroll past this list of recent articles to get to my mountaineering books.
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My Books:

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging

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The most complete beginner to intermediate level training manual. Designed to get you from the couch to the summit in 16 weeks of carefully prepared, fully researched and tested workouts.

  • Nordic Walking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking

If you do any of these sports, this is the manual for you. More Info HERE

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Elbrus Race 2013

In 2013 I went back for a second attempt at Elbrus Race, a skyrunning event held most years on Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe. Racing from the huts at 12,000′ to the summit at 18,500′ with a cutoff of 5 hours. I had been there in 2010 and was pulled from the race with a severe case of dysentery and after three years it was time to return and give it another shot.

This is a story of teamwork, mentorship and running a race in a storm. More Info HERE

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Carstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age

In 2013 I went to climb Carstensz, highest peak of Oceania (Australian continental plate) and one of the most difficult of the Seven Summits. I fell and tore my sternum cartilage, yet ascended the 2000′ of gnarly sharp limestone on ratty knotted fixed lines. While taking a shortcut out we were detained by local authorities.

This is a story of making it work no matter what and accepting the consequences of your actions. More Info HERE

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Orizaba, My Almost Free Mexico Adventure

In 2008 I attempted a solo climb of Orizaba, highest volcano in North America, highest peak of Mexico, and 3rd highest peak in North America. It’s one of the Volcanic Seven Summits. It was my first outing as a solo mountaineer and formed the logistics base for many of the adventures to follow. This is a compilation of blog posts made from this adventure.

Teaser: major updates coming with paperback and enhanced with my March 2013 ascent. All purchases previous to that will be updated by Amazon.

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Elbrus, My Waterloo

In 2012 I went to Elbrus to attempt a solo climb of the highest peak in Continental Europe, in the Caucasus of Russia. This is the first mountaineering book I wrote and published, and is an account taken from the journal I kept of this adventure in a remote part of Russia.

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