Month: January 2012

What is a Seven Summits?

Seven Summits by Dick Bass, Frank Wells, and Rick Ridgeway This is the book that began the whole thing. I read it quite a while ago, I think it was in the new books shelf of the library where I was living at the time. It sat there in the back of my mind, festering? …

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Thank You Tomaz Humar

I’ve been reading this excellent book about a historic, tragic, and controversial modern climbing legend Tomaz Humar. Last week I did a great toprope solo ice climb near home. The next day I fell down a flight of stairs in my own house, descending from my bedroom heading toward my training room. I was totally …

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Ouray Ice Fest 2012 Overview Recap

Had a great time attending the Ouray Ice Fest 2012. I had originally planned on not attending, but Angie convinced me otherwise, and I was able to get a day off work (Friday). I checked online and found two clinics open that met my ability level well enough – Intermediate Ice with First Ascent Athlete …

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Book Review: Die Trying

Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits By Bo Parfet with Richard Buskin Bo Parfet “retired” as an investment banker at a pretty young age, and managing his savings carefully by taking shortcuts and going somewhat around the system, managed to complete the 7 summits (actually 8, hedging his bets on the …

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