Month: June 2012

Elbrus Race 2010

In September 2010 I attended the Elbrus Race [Blogger Posts]. Below is a gallery of images from the race organizers. I was entered at bib number 24. I was also featured a few times in a promotional video [1:04, 1:13, 1:33] that the event promoters created as a “trailer”. Elbrus Race 2010 in fact was …

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Horseshoe Basin Training Hike

I am currently in training for my Aconcagua trip in December, part of which will be via fast hiking on rough terrain at altitude. I selected Horseshoe Basin, a fork of the Peru Creek Road between Keystone and Montezuma Colorado. The entire 15 mile semi-loop I hiked ascends from 10,100′ to over 13,000′ and returns …

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Aconcagua Higher Now

According to a cooperative research project report, Aconcagua is now 6966.4 meters tall, about 2.4 meters more than the 6964 meters measured in 1989. Further research is planned to determine if this is due to plate tectonics or more accurate modern equipment. “We know it is moving, but it is millimetres per year, not two …

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Denali Avalanche – Four Presumed Dead

A Japanese group, Miyagi Workers Alpine Federation Expedition, was apparently swept down Motorcycle Hill by an avalanche leaving one survivor who scrambled out of the crevasse he was deposited into and made his way down to Kahiltna Base alone to report the accident. “One team member survived the event. Hitoshi Ogi, age 69 of Miyagi …

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Half Dome Ascent via Cables Route

A friend (and fellow Goal Zero athlete) Steve Schrag had some permits to do the Cables Route of Half Dome on June 9 2012, and had asked if anyone wanted to go up with him. I happened to have that day off from other scheduled things, and was in a recovery week from my Steamboat …

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Training for the Seven Summits

Please visit my other blog, where I share some of my training tips, personal achievements, goals and strategies, and workout videos for training like a mountaineer. Links open new tab/window so you don’t lose this list. Thanks … [RSSImport display=”16″ feedurl=”” displaydescriptions=”true” html=”true” start_items=” ” end_items=” ” target=”ssb”]