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Japanese woman, 73 attempts Everest record

“She is an active mountaineer who is physically and mentally fit enough to climb Everest,” said Ang Tshering Sherpa, of the Kathmandu-based Asian Trekking mountaineering agency. “She will launch her ascent from the Tibetan side of the mountain.” – AFP News

Tamae Watanabe had already made history upon reaching the world’s highest peak May 16 of 2002, and now, at 73, will be attempting to smash her own record. Her plan is to summit around May 10-12. Good luck Ms. Watanabe!

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8-year-old to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Tyler Armstrong of Yorba Linda, California will attempt Mount Kilimanjaro to increase awareness to the 300k boys worldwide suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. DMD is considered an “orphan” disease as pharmaceutical companies don’t find it profitable to do research for a cure. A somewhat “accomplished” climber

[as a 7 year old, he] summited Mount Whitney [14,505 feet (4,421 m)] in Sierra Nevada, California with his father Kevin Armstrong. He may have unofficially broken the record for the youngest person to ever summit Mount Whitney. Tyler reached the summit in 7 hours and 50 minutes.
7-year-old summits Mount Whitney the highest peak in the continental US – Examiner

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If Armstrong summits Kilimanjaro, he will become the second youngest to summit one of the highest mountains of the world at age eight. This eight-day challenge and adventure will begin on June 23, 2012.
“I am doing this climb to help Suhail and other boys my age that have Duchenne because most of them have a hard time even walking,” stated Tyler Armstrong.
8-year-old to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Duchenne muscular dystrophy awareness – Examiner

I’ve had the great adventure in the past to have taken several youth up several mountains. I’ve taken a handful of 10 year olds up Colorado Fourteeners [Quandary With Dallin], and a 5 and 8 year old up an 8000′ peak [Squaw Peak With The Kids].

I have a pretty good idea what it takes to motivate and encourage a child up a peak under a variety of conditions. For one-day hikes. I’m about to try a two or three day this summer with a ten and maybe an eight year old. I know from experience that a week on a muddy rocky wet trek to the Roof of Africa is a much bigger endeavor. I myself wish the Armstrongs the best of luck.

So how does everyone else feel about this? Do I need to ask the typical questions about Everest at age 10 after Vinson and Elbrus at 9, etc? Or do you have your own views on this one?

Australian Moms on Everest

Two Aussie women, both moms in their mid-fifties are headed to Everest together and could set a couple Australian records, including oldest Australian woman to climb Everest. The article also points out that the women are paying their own way, and not relying on income from the charity they’re affiliated with.

Story HERE

On the importance of Training

They wake each day at 4am, and either do a long hike carrying 20-kilogram backpacks, or run, lift weights, and do strength work with a personal trainer. There is more training each night after work.
To add variety, they go to a rockclimbing gym at St Leonards and run the sand dunes at Palm Beach for hours to boost endurance and strengthen their legs.

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I totally agree that this level of training is necessary for any long expedition where you would be hauling heavy loads for long distances and elevation gain.

How do you feel about moms that age doing Everest?

1) they need to stay home baking cookies
2) far out – hope I’m that strong at that age
3) anyone doing Everest is nuts
4) a “normal” person is doing this?

Let me know your thoughts …

7 year old Indonesian on Seven Summits Quest?

I read this story recently about a 7 year old Indonesian boy who will be attempting Elbrus this July hoping to summit on July 23, National Children’s day with a follow-up Climb in November of Island Peak, a 6,000 meter mountain in the Himalayas near Everest normally used as a testing ground for the ability to climb Everest.

7-year-old Indonesian Turns Mountains into Molehills If successful, he will be the youngest climber to do Elbrus.

From a newspaper article about Arya Cahaya Mulya Sugiarto: — the treacherous peaks do not seem to faze Arya — last year the boy told the tabloid magazine Nyata that it was “nice to be able to reach the top of the mountain; I can see God’s creation.”

Some food for thought:

1) Can he possibly become the youngest Everest climber?
2) Can he possibly become the youngest Seven Summits Climber?
3) Is he really self-motivated, and really able to finish all these climbs under his own power?
4) What if something goes horribly wrong?
5) What are the long-term repercussions?

How do you feel about this?