SSX on the Seven Summits?

The video game franchise SSX takes on a new challenge. The Seven Summits. Well, a lot of them anyway.

“Real-world mountains, such as Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro, are now your playground — though they have some crazy jumps and rails tossed in.” — It’s got ‘SSX’-appeal – Washington Examiner

Is it at all realistic to the idea of climbing the Seven Summits? Can you learn anything useful from playing it? Well, the idea of using the right equipment at the right time is sure applicable.

“Some of the Deadly Descents get very intense and will try your patience until you’ve mastered the use of the necessary survival equipment.” — It’s got ‘SSX’-appeal – Washington Examiner

But really? Can this be any worse for Everest or Kilimanjaro or Denali? Mont Blanc? With all the apparent nutcases already trying to take their extreme sport or cause into the Death Zone, will this inspire further craziness in people who believe that playing a few video games and practicing in a Terrain Park will be enough to earn them passage to the basecamp of choice, where they die a miserable painful protracted death, possibly taking their entire team with them and causing governments around the world a knee-jerk overreaction and the closure of the mountains to all?

Or am I just being mildly facetious?

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