Elbrus World Race – Premier August 2012

New this year is the Elbrus World Race which is primarily a trail race in the vicinity of Elbrus, highest point of Europe, a volcano, and one of the Seven Summits.

EWR creation was driven by love and a dream. Two founders of EWR – Sergey and Ivan spent many days on Elbrus and Elbrus area since childhood and dreamed to make big event on Elbrus. Inspiration came from big events around the world like a race around Mont Blanc and also from desire to do something own, something special.
Elbrus World Race 2012 – Planet Ultramarathon

Angie at Barrels Huts on Elbrus
Angie at Barrels Huts below Elbrus Summits

It sounds really interesting to me, since I already qualified for the Elbrus Race 2010, a different semi-annual event with a history from the early 90’s. The qualifying race I ran was from the Barrels Huts (about 12,000′) to a point somewhat above Pastukhov Rocks (about 15,500′). I managed to make the cutoff despite serious water-borne illness resulting in pretty severe diarrhea and cramps. I even stopped along the course near the shelter of some rocks on the way down. The event organizers put up a youtube video showing my odd duck-like waddle during the qualifier (from the rear about 1:35 – I also helped with the fluff piece at about 1:04 and 1:12 – bib #24).

The main event was a run to the summit from either Azau (about 8,000′) or the Barrels to the summit (about 18,400′). As a result of recovering from the diarrhea, and the resulting malnutrition and dehydration, I had a horrible night the night before, having to sit up most of the night with sleep apnea and AMS. The team doctor gave me some Russian medicine and pulled me from the race.

The Elbrus World Race is a totally different race, with only one event, the Traverse, actually on the mountain. The other events are on a circuitous course in the foothills surrounding Elbrus. Sadly the Traverse is a team event, or I would be more interested.

EWR consists of:
Elbrus Ultra Trail – mountain ultra-marathon; 81 km over 7 mountain passes with individual participation.
Elbrus Traverse – mountaineering contest, for twos or threes, traverse over the summit of Elbrus.
Elbrus Adventure Race – Adventure Race in the foothills of Mount Elbrus.
Elbrus Trail – a running contest 28 km with individual participation.
Elbrus World Race Website

Also, it’s going to be the first week of August, and the Elbrus Race 2012 is tentatively scheduled for the last week of August, and if it happens (it was cancelled in 2011 for the anti-terrorism programs in the area) I would like to go. I could of course get a multi-entry visa and spend the rest of August in Chamonix …

Myself at Elbrus Race 2010 - number 24
Bib number 24 at Elbrus Race 2010

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