Striking Camp – packing up to go home

Did a training overnighter on Timpanogos (a Utah County mountain 11,749′ tall near Provo, UT). Slept on a flat area below an series of avalanche runouts from the cliffs below Pika Cirque. For kicks I did this timelapse video as I took the tent down. Enjoy …

I took down the Sierra Designs Baku single-wall one-person tent. I had a short inflatable pad, with an inflatable sitpad for my head, and my backpack for my feet. I had buried the tent stakes in a t-slot fashion, and stomped them in. I had to use my ice axe to dig them out, but no big deal really, just be careful not to cut anything.

It’s fun to see the process in only 4 seconds – pretty amazing, really. It’s good training for any climbing, including the Seven Summits, to go out on your own and camp in the snow, relying on your own skills. Builds confidence so you know if everything goes to heck on your expedition, you at least know how to do it on your own.

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