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Valentines Day for the Spouse of a Mountaineer

Valentines Day is that special time of year when we give little gifts or cards or chocolate to our loved ones. It’s also a great time to say “I thank you” for all that we put them through. Mountaineers put their spouses through a special kind of torment. We might be held in captivity by mercenaries in a foreign land. We might be gravely injured or ill and unable to be evacuated. We might be stuck in a deadly storm in a cave 125′ beneath the surface of the glacial ice. I’ve caused my poor spouse to suffer under the stress of all of those and more on my mountaineering adventures. She persists in giving me the inspiration I need to continue to pursue my dream.

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My Valentines Day Girl: ascending to the ice climbing routes near Provo Utah
My Valentines Day Girl: in the ascent gully to Stairway to Heaven

In fact, the woman I commemorate this Valentines Day was the one who helped me to define my dream. As a couple we both traveled and shared our love of foreign cultures and peoples. As we grew in our relationship we found our own dreams. She loved figure skating and competing. I loved mountains and climbing. We set our goals around our own goals and the goals of the other. I started skating, something I hadn’t done since I was a kid growing up in the Great White North. She took up climbing with me on plastic, rock and ice.

My wife winning her category for Figure Skating

She is a good friend to fellow Elbrus Race 2014 team mate Jen Hamilton. Her figure skating coach is Todd Gilles, my padowan and climbing buddy. Jen’s husband Ryan, of ClimbingReport.com is my Utah climbing buddy from way back. We’ve all climbed and hiked together in various combinations. On this Valentines Day I’d like to also thank them for the support and suggestions and the opportunity I’ve had to serve them with support of my own. Relationships are important when you engage in a sport in which you stare death in the eyes every time out.

Valentines Day reflection: Hoosier Pass for Angie and Jen
Valentines Day reflection: Hoosier Pass for Angie and Jen

Valentines Day for the Spouse of a Mountaineer

We support each other’s dreams. We endure hardship and separation while she’s away competing or training and I’m away in some foreign jungle or glacial desert. We love deeply and with passion, each other, and our dreams and goals and aspirations. I hope that this Valentines Day finds you thanking those that support you in your endeavors and that you never forget that without them, you could not accomplish half of what you wish for.

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I am totally thrilled that my spouse has been such a great support to me over these years of adventure and achievement, and I am happy to share that joy with you all here.

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