Aconcagua 2012 – for a cause

After the great success of my wife Angie in her group program at Skate for Hope in Columbus Ohio in June 2011 (she was among the top fundraisers), and my little brush with prostate cancer in the past 18 months, I finally decided to take the plunge and help do my part to help her fight.

Angie Skate for Hope 2011 Fundraiser Award
Angie in Fundraiser Award Line at Skate for Hope 2011 Columbus OH

I decided to learn to skate with her, which is awesome leg cross training for the various stabilizers and other muscles I didn’t know I had until I started. Apolo Anton Ohno has awesome legs, right? So I will participate in the group program in 2012. For my fundraising, I will donate proceeds from donations to my climb of Aconcagua this February 2012. Click the yellow “Donate” button to the right if you’d like to help support my efforts to help this great cause. If you leave your name, or name of the loved one you want to donate for, I will make sure to mention it here, and take their names with me to the summit of Aconcagua, one of the Seven Summits of the world.

Angie and I learning to pairs skate
Angie and I learning to pairs skate

I also have a fundraising site within Skate for Hope that you can donate to directly if you’d like to assist there instead CLICK HERE

Angie with the Hughes sisters, Emily and Sarah
Angie with the Hughes sisters, Emily and Sarah

Either way, it’s a great cause, with great support from pro and Olympic skaters from around the world. I will post video of my training on another blog that I’ll mention later, since this isn’t really a skating blog 😉


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  1. Skate for Hope is a beautiful show. If you want to see Olympians and National champions in a very unique setting, come to Colombus, OHIO on June 16th, 2012. Its gonna be a great show!

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